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Boycott Sri Lanka – in protest against Tamil Genocide, SLA War Crime Atrocities!

Human Rights Violation? A mild term to describe the horror, the living hell that is called Sri Lanka. It is a Problem from Hell for the world. The Sri Lankan army war crimes, the SLA atrocities, the Tamil genocide is today, a daily nightmare for each & every innocent man, woman & child in Tamil Eelam.

At least 80,000 civilians (Tamils) were killed in the final phase of a genocidal war in Sri Lanka according to UN expert panel report, the majority of them by the Sri Lankan army’s shelling of hospitals and “safe zones”! Over 300,000 Sri Lankan Tamils  were detained in ‘Nazi’ style Concentration Camps!

Your voice makes a difference! Boycott Sri Lanka tourism, garments, textiles, tea… Every single time you boycott a Sri Lankan product or event, you are making a difference – in the fight against the Sri Lankan army (SLA) atrocities & war crimes, and the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka.

Make Your Voice Count!

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Hundreds of Canadian Tamils convened on Sunday March 9th 2014 at Dundas Square to attend the “Tamil Genocide Awareness Rally” and to re-affirm the call for Justice in Sri Lanka

Hundreds of Canadian Tamils gathered in Dundas Square to attend a ‘Tamil Genocide Awareness’ rally and to re-affirm the call for justice in Sri Lanka for those who died during the war in the north of the island. Tamil Canadians, an International Human Rights Scholar Prof. Helen Jarvis from the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal, Members of …

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Diaspora Organizations build an alliance for the Boycott Campaign

Tamil diaspora organizations BTF,USTPAC,NCCT and Save Tamils movement  from India have  forged together an alliance for the Boycott Sri-Lanka campaign .Realizing the importance of building awareness about the Tamil genocide to the public  across the globe, the campaign will focus on isolating Sri Lanka internationally like how the apartheid South Africa was isolated in the 1980′s. …

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It is Genocide rules Peoples Tribunal

It is genocide rules the peoples tribunal on Sri Lanka. After deliberating for the past three days from Dec 7-11 in Bremen, Germany, the panel of international experts on genocide and humanitarian law ruled that what happened to the Eelam Tamils in Mullivaikkal was Genocide. The judges did not fail to mention that the genocide continues …

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Mandela Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?
Nelson Mandela Collar

We in the boycott Srilanka movement share the grief of the South African people at the passing of their leader Nelson Mandela. The outpouring of love and affection for a towering giant of the 21st century who fought for the freedom of his  people across the globe is enlightening to Eelam Tamils. Who are still …

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LycaMobile in bed with Rajapaksa regime?

  Lycamobile a UK low cost mobile operator has managed to sign business deals with the war crimes accused Rajapaksa regime according to corporate watch. The site claims that the mobile operator is a major Tory party donor in UK and was also the gold sponsor of the commonwealth business forum. Labour MP Tom Blenkinsop told the Huffington …

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About Us: The Boycott Sri Lanka campaign advocates small changes in our individual consumerism to collectively pressure the Sri Lankan Government to end the relentless Sri Lankan army war crimes, human rights violation, SLA atrocities in Tamil Eelam & the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka.

You can make a difference! Boycott Sri Lanka tourism & products – be it branded garments, textiles or tea. Every single time you boycott a Sri Lankan product or event, you are making a difference – in the fight against Sri Lankan army war crimes, the SLA atrocities & the Tamil genocide in  Sri Lanka. It worked in South Africa. It will work in Sri Lanka.

“Opportunity for peace marred” says Navi Pillai
U.N. High Commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay has again criticised Sri Lanka for failing to examine abuses committed during the civil war last year between the government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels.
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Stanford Students Protest in San Francisco
Boycott Sri Lanka rally campaigning against buying clothing made in Sri Lanka. The rally gained momentum in California as students from Stanford University joined the rally in front of the Gap and Victoria's Secret stores,
San Francisco : Boycott Sri Lanka
San Francisco : Boycott Sri Lanka

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